Nick Dunn

UX Designer

I try to understand why people need things, I design things, I make things, check people can use those things, then explain to people why it should be done this way. I’ve been doing all this for over 20 years so I like to think I do it well.

I break down what I do like this:


goals, motivations, work patterns, analytics, user modelling, business requirements

Product & interaction design

different input methods, screen sizes, design patterns

Information architecture

content structure & presentation principles

Usability testing

observation, scenario and task creation

Technical skills

Sketch, Axure, Adobe CC, HTML, CSS


Design sprints, user-story mapping, workshopping, multi-disciplinary teams

What I’ve been doing

Due to confidentiality I can’t share my most recent work here but I’d love to talk through what I do in more detail if you get in touch. 

I can say that while working with The I led the redesigned of that has resulted in a 50% increase in sales.

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